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Grillo + Spumante = Grillante

Grillante is a “new” wine in every way, from its modern packaging to its unique production. Grillante is a sparkling wine made from DOC certified organic Grillo grapes grown in Sicily. What makes this wine especially unique though, is timing. We harvest the grapes slightly early and the wine is released before the end of the summer, giving it a fresh, light bodied and slightly mineral flavor profile. The name “Grillante” was inspired by the way the sun reflects on the bright blue Sicilian sea, creating a ‘brillante’ (sparkling) effect which is evident in the seaside summery flavors.

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Our Roots

Cantine Europa’s wines are uniquely delicious due to Sicily’s distinct geography and weather. The sunny, mild and well-ventilated climate combined with both the flatlands and hills of western Sicily are the best conditions for exceptional flavor. 


Our territory

“Territory” has a deeper meaning for us. It’s a blend of families and their stories and those traditions that need to be preserved. We build value together working around one common denominator: the grape and its wine. 



Among the biggest wine-growing and wine-producing companies in the world, Cantine Europa is a co-operative of wine growers established in 1962. It now supports 2,100 Sicilian producers, amounting to more than 14,800 acres of vineyards spread across western Sicily. Cantine Europa produces 50,000 liters of wine per year. These numbers demonstrate the great responsibility that the cantina has in order to defend the values of our region and our viticulture. 


Contact & info

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